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    Hi Shine Scribe:

    Those are fabulous ideas! I apologize that I did not see your post here.  The best way to learn to pick up discrepancies is to do just what you are doing – have normal values firmly entrenched in your resources or know where to look that kind of thing up so that you will begin to recognize something as a discrepancy or highly abnormal value.

    Account specifics will be your best friend on the job as we have to follow those to the letter every day.

    Again, these are all excellent ideas!  Thank you for sharing!


    Hi Shine scribe,

    This is a great idea! Obviously we have to get the word out on it though! I was just thinking last night that we should be doing this. I love the ideas you gave us.

    1. I like to print off some transcriptions for future reference. That way I am not searching through the dictoscribe history for the report I want to see.
    2. I also downloaded sharp keys, so I can reroute some of the keyboard keys from where they are to where I think they should be. For example, I moved backspace from way up there in the corner to left alt. I still have a right alt (which I don’t use enough to warrant having two keys for it, in my humble opinion) and now backspaces is right by the space bar and I can hit it with my thumb.

    There are a lot of things I wish I had known from the beginning too, and I daresay there are probably a lot more things that I could do to make transcription easier that I don’t know about.



    I just started the course and thought this was a great idea and would be very helpful.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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